Chemworld, Inc. located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, west of Austin, provides the highest quality intermediates for the complete range of hair dyes. As well as chemicals used in the photographic industry and in motion picture labs. Additionally, our professional management team provides the “gold” standard in after sales service

We work hand-in-hand with companies that will custom-formulate products - products that meet your exact and unique performance requirements.

Chemworld, Inc. supplies products on a worldwide basis from the smallest companies to the multinational companies. Our professional competence in conjunction with our fast and reliable service, make us a strong partner to the industries we serve.

With a global business comes a global responsibility for consistently achieving high standards of behavior worldwide. Our aim is to effectively manage that responsibility by making our customers requirements our first priority.

With strong values, collaboration and a culture of excellence, we strive to be the best rather than the biggest. Our focus is providing unmatched client service and retaining our clients as business partners in the long term, because we deliver a quality experience.

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